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At Positive Image Dental, our oral surgery team of professionals have helped countless individuals in Bermuda in restoring bone loss and preparing for placement of dental implants. In some cases, sinus augmentation or a “sinus lift” is performed to create enough bone for the successful placement of implants. With our team, we can help with this delicate procedure with years of combined experience amongst our professionals, including Drs. Ian Campbell, Christopher Allington, and Lara Loescher.

What is sinus augmentation?

The sinus augmentation procedure, or sinus lift surgery, is perfect for patients who are missing enough bone height on the upper jaw area. It is also used to reposition the sinus cavities when they are too close to the jaw and may interrupt the placement of dental implants on the upper dental arch. This lack of natural bone can be caused by a variety of specific issues, including:

  • The natural anatomy of the patient’s skull causing the upper jaw to lack bone when compared to the lower jaw.
  • The loss of natural bone due to conditions such as periodontal disease
  • The loss of natural tooth that has caused bone resorption, causing the natural loss and absorption of the bone back into the body (common if teeth have been missing for extended periods of time without replacement)
  • Large sinus cavities that have shortened the height of the bone on the upper jaw making placement of dental implants impossible without augmentation.

Do you need sinus augmentation?

Not everyone needs this procedure. To determine if a patient needs a sinus lift, x-rays are often used to check the bone structure before planning for dental implant procedures or other treatments that are used to improve oral health and function. The patients with the issues listed above may need this procedure.

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