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Enjoy teeth in a day with Devonshire, Bermuda area dental practice

Patients in Bermuda who are faced with replacing a majority of the teeth in the smile, are often in need of dentures. Dentures often bring to mind fake-looking dental appliances that fail to function as they should. However, several more options are available to patients when replacing their teeth, including more solid and sturdy alternatives to traditional complete dentures. That includes “teeth in a day” provided by our team.

What are teeth in a day?

Teeth in a day is a specialized way to provide patients with restoration in a single appointment. It involves the placement of dental implants along the dental arch to hold the prosthetic teeth in place. Traditional dental implants can take weeks to place as they require time to heal and stimulate bone growth. However, with teeth in a day, patients will have their implants and dental restoration placed at the same appointment. The design of these implants and teeth provide a much faster process than traditional means.

Why choose teeth in a day?

Many patients love the opportunity to have their smile restored in a single appointment. With traditional implant-retained dentures, time is needed for the bone growth process called osseointegration to occur. That is where the dental implant becomes fused with the jawbone for optimum stability and strength. Teeth in a day dental implants can be placed with a denture or fixed bridge over the top abutment during the same visit.  

What are the benefits of teeth in a day?

  • Fast placement
  • Stabilization with quality implants
  • Same-day restoration
  • Bone maintenance

Ready for teeth in a day?

Prosthetic teeth are a great way to restore the smile following tooth loss and extraction. If you are interested in learning more about same-day dental implants and restorations such as implant-retained dentures, we welcome you to call our office for a consultation. Our facility is located minutes away from Devonshire,  Bermuda and accepts new patients who contact us for appointments (441) 292-2312. Get started taking charge of your smile and enhancing function and appearance!