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Why Devonshire, Bermuda area patients may need wisdom teeth removal

It is common to hear about individuals having their wisdom teeth removed. It may be one of them, or it could be all. Some patients have problems such as impaction, while others have them removed as a preventative measure. But what exactly are the wisdom teeth, and why are they so problematic? Bermuda patients who are interested in learning more about the reasons for removing wisdom teeth are welcome to read on and find out why Positive Image Dental provides extraction of the third molars.

Why are wisdom teeth problematic?

The wisdom teeth are known for being an issue for many patients. This is because they are the last teeth to erupt in the smile, often in the late teens or early adulthood. Because of the changes that have happened with time with the human body and the reduced need for extra molars, wisdom teeth really do not have a place in today’s dental arch. Impacted wisdom teeth are common, causing them to become stuck underneath the gumline and be painful. There is not enough room for them, and often they cannot come through as the rest of teeth do during childhood.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

There are several reasons why an individual may need or choose to have one or more wisdom teeth removed. Below are just a few of the more common situations that can occur:

  • The wisdom teeth become stuck, or “impacted,” and cannot erupt through the gumline on their own.
  • Patients are preparing for orthodontic work, or have already had orthodontic work, and need to take them out to make room or reduce overcrowding.
  • The wisdom teeth are hard to clean, leaving a patient much more susceptible to periodontal disease or wisdom tooth decay.

In need of wisdom tooth removal?

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