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Nov 13

For years, traditional orthodontics, like metal braces, would have been required if you were looking to correct orthodontic issues. Thankfully, uncomfortable metal braces are no longer necessary for mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Thanks to the constant evolution of dental technology, individuals of all ages can achieve a more symmetrical smile with Invisalign clear aligners […]

Nov 08

Overcrowding is a common dental problem shared by many. When teeth don’t have sufficient space to come in, they can grow crooked or overlap one upon another, wreaking havoc on your oral health. Crooked, misaligned teeth are extremely difficult to clean, causing plaque build-up that can lead to problems with cavities. Invisalign offers a solution […]

Sep 17

Are you aware that braces are not your only option when you need to straighten and align teeth? The thought of getting braces with the metal brackets and wiring can be undesirable. The good news is that treatments are out there that can help straighten and align teeth without the need for uncomfortable metal. The […]