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Sep 12

When life gets busy, routine dental care often gets relegated to the back burner. However, regular dental exams and cleanings are key to keeping your teeth and gums problem-free. Gingivitis (early gum disease) is a problem people can easily miss in its formative stage. At Positive Image Dental, Devonshire, Bermuda, we can detect this condition […]

Jun 05

At Positive Image Dental, our dentists assist Devonshire, Bermuda, area patients with addressing various dental problems. This includes treating an infected tooth nerve and extensive infection with root canal therapy. Drs. Ian Campbell, Christopher Allington, and Lara Loescher are dedicated to providing this solution for patients who would like to save their natural teeth from extraction. While […]

Mar 20

Losing a tooth or several teeth is an event that can have dire consequences on your smile. Not only does losing even a single tooth harm your smile’s aesthetics, but you also lose chewing power, and the space can become a trap for food debris building up bacteria, infecting your other healthy teeth and gums. […]

Nov 08

Overcrowding is a common dental problem shared by many. When teeth don’t have sufficient space to come in, they can grow crooked or overlap one upon another, wreaking havoc on your oral health. Crooked, misaligned teeth are extremely difficult to clean, causing plaque build-up that can lead to problems with cavities. Invisalign offers a solution […]

Jul 08

If you have lost teeth, even if it’s not in the smile zone, it’s good to cover that gap immediately. Leaving gaps in your mouth affects not only your appearance but also your oral structure and functionality. Due to missing teeth, other teeth start shifting and loosening, possibly losing yet another tooth. Besides, that gap […]

Apr 19

When a dentist decides that a root canal is necessary for a patient, it is likely due to the tooth’s inner pulp becoming infected. If a dentist recommends a root canal treatment, you may still wonder how long you can go without getting it. If this thought crosses your mind, you are not alone. Patients […]

Dec 06

You see them all the time — over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening kits are sold in every grocery and drug store. From whitening strips and toothpaste to treatments that rely on stronger chemicals, there is a very diverse line of products to choose from. These products are incredibly popular, yet they don’t provide you with the […]

Dec 06

Believe it or not, there was a time when there were not many options available to individuals needing to replace missing teeth. Dentures and bridges have been around, but those may not offer the characteristics you are looking for in a tooth replacement option. Dental implants provide a long-lasting, durable option for tooth replacement. Drs. Ian Campbell, […]

Nov 08

If you are one of many in Bermuda who are not happy with your smile due to gapped teeth, you could be an ideal candidate for dental bonding, a cosmetic treatment for closing gaps between teeth. During the procedure, bonding material is moulded and bonded to your teeth to alter the shape and close an […]